Sacred Cenote

Kielno, Polska

Tags  Religious Black Metal  Azerate  Sacred Cenote  Nargaroth  Darkthrone  Ildjarn  Horrified  Bloodbath  Morbid Angel  Nile 

Take your eyes away from the pale light of the Sun and open your hearts for Chaos.


Sacred Cenote was established in 2011 in order to re-establish the primary goals of rock 'n' roll that once was ment to be dangerous music, but ended up being merely an entertainment tool for the sheep. The full-length album entitled "Da'at" was released on September 8th 2014 - yet another manifestation of an untamed destructive force invading the cosmos and certainly a precious stone for His throne. If you are tired of the so-called "black metal" that has no actual meaning or value behind it but still remember the classic albums that led you to appreciate this genre and you are willing to hear new music that does NOT sound the same, but has derived from the exact same disharmonic forces - you are in the right place for it. You are welcomed by Sacred Cenote to appreciate "the Thing itself" and ignore those for whom black metal is about imagery - their mendacity is the punishment in itself. There is no room for voters of Republican Party playing punk rock, white kids from a good home playing rap or atheists playing black metal.


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