death metal  orthodox black metal  anti-cosmic magic 

Eleven sonic abominations spawned for the honor of the Faceless Dragons of the Other Side and their impious offspring.

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Liner Notes

Sacred Cenote is proud to present the eleven hymns contained in the band's first LP "Da'at" released on September 8th 2014. The concept of the album is obviously based around the Qliphotic and Cainite Magick. Each piece of music acts as sonic sigil charged with destructive chaotic energies of the Gods and Goddesses of Sitra Ahra that shall soon put an end to the crime of the bastard gods of false light and restore the reign of Chaos. We ourselves would never want the oh-so proud and sophisticated "this aint bad but you should prubbly change this is and that the next time" kind of idiots to ever put their filthy hands on the fruits of our hard work. But any sincere devotee always submits to the will of his Lorde, and the will of the Lorde this time is to hurt the spineless, mentally unstable teenage black metal morons and prepare the minds of potential adepts of the Dark Akasha for the first steps towards Liberation in Chaos. Hail Chaos!


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