In the Shadow of Moloch (Demo)

black metal  moloch  azerate  luciferianism  death 

In the Shadow of Moloch (Demo)
Raw material recorded at one take. A teaser for the upcoming LP.

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Liner Notes

Moloch (Molekh, Molokh, Melekh) – one of the Eleven Dark Gods (known under the name Azerate) who rose from the depths of Wrathful Chaos in order to interrupt the selfish and impious deeds of Marduk (the demiurge). In ancient Semitic tradition, this God was presented as a colossal figure with a head of a bull. New-born children were sacrificed in His shrine, as Moloch is pleased with any pain and suffering that can be caused to a human being. Moloch also embodies the anti-cosmic element of Fire which will consume the cosmic tree of life, and thus contribute to the extinction of all existence.


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